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  • 【 Taporel 】 Major Breakthroughback Of Large Diameter Rod Used For UHV Composite Post Insualtor

    Shaanxi-Hubei Ultra-high Voltage Project Is under Construction

    UHV power grids are like highways for electricity, and are one of the seven major areas of new infrastructure. On March 30, the Hubei Section project of the ± 800 kV UHV DC project from northern Shaanxi to Hubei (hereinafter referred to as the Shaanxi-East UHV Project) officially started. This is the first major energy project started in Hubei Province with the pace of resuming production. It is planned to be completed and put into operation next year.

    In the Xinzhou District of Wuhan, the Wuhan converter station of the UHV project under construction in Shaanxi and Hubei will undertake the task of “landing” electricity from afar.

    The Shaanxi-Hubei UHV project is the first demonstration project of the “UHV transmission upgrade version”. Upon completion, it can bundle the rich wind, light and thermal power in Shaanxi and send it directly to the Hubei load center. Receiving 18 million tons of raw coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 29.6 million tons, sulfur dioxide by 90,000 tons, and nitrogen oxides by 94,000 tons. At the same time, the project uses UHV technology, which can reduce the construction of two ultra-high voltage transmission projects spanning thousands of kilometers, saving 4,000 hectares in corridors, saving 1.8 billion yuan in investment, and reducing transmission losses by 2 billion kWh per year.

    The total investment in the Shaanxi-East UHV project was 18.5 billion yuan, of which 6 billion yuan was invested in Hubei. In addition, the UHV industrial chain includes power supplies, electrical equipment, energy-using equipment, and raw materials. The Shaanxi-East UHV project involves hundreds of equipment manufacturing, construction, installation, and scientific research units, directly driving equipment production scale of about 12 billion yuan, increasing more than 40,000 jobs, and driving power and other related industries with investment exceeding 70 billion yuan. It will play an important role in reducing energy cost and promoting coordinated regional development.