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  • 【 Taporel 】 Major Breakthroughback Of Large Diameter Rod Used For UHV Composite Post Insualtor

    FRP Core Rod for Ultra-High Voltage

    On the afternoon of April 18, as three tractors pulled 6 silver lines slowly across the mountain range of Shijiao Town, Fogang, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, and reached the B161 tower, the 19th and 20th bids of the Kunliu-Long DC project line passed smoothly. Kunliulong DC is the world’s first UHV multi-terminal flexible DC transmission project constructed by China Southern Power Grid. The project realizes the distribution of Yunnan clean hydropower to Guangdong and Guangxi, with an annual power transmission of more than 3.2 million kWh.

    The project has a length of 281 kilometers in Guangdong and is divided into 18, 19, and 20 bid sections. The 19 and 20 bid sections were built by the central enterprise “Double Hundred Enterprises” China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Energy Development Co., Ltd., a total of 201 kilometers of DC transmission lines were built, and 415 bases of DC towers were newly built. It crosses the ± 500 kV Jiangcheng DC line and Qingyuan Beijiang River, mostly along mountains and hills. The length of the 19th section of the line is 122 kilometers, and the tower is 253 bases. It is the longest line and the largest number of towers in each section of the Kunliulong Project; the 20th section involves DC transmission lines and Longmen converter stations Ground electrode line and pole site of Longmen converter station. These two tenders can be said to be the most difficult bite in the entire Kunliulong project. The completion of the two bidding sections this time has created favorable conditions for the project to be put into operation as soon as possible.