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  • 【 Taporel 】 Major Breakthroughback Of Large Diameter Rod Used For UHV Composite Post Insualtor

    Epoxy Pultrusion Embedded Wedge for Wind Power Blade

    From January to April, the electricity consumption of the whole society decreased year-on-year, and the electricity consumption of the month achieved a positive growth for the first time in the year; the cumulative decline in electricity consumption in industry and manufacturing continued to narrow, and the electricity consumption in the month changed from negative to positive; The energy consumption industry has achieved positive growth in electricity consumption in the month; the installed power generation capacity has grown steadily, and the electricity generation in the month has increased; except for solar power generation, the utilization hours of other types of power generation equipment have decreased year-on-year; The newly installed capacity decreased year-on-year; the investment in power supply increased year-on-year, of which the investment in new energy power generation increased more.