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  • 【 Taporel 】 Major Breakthroughback Of Large Diameter Rod Used For UHV Composite Post Insualtor

    Report on the Work of Taporel 2020

    The year of 2020 was an extraordinary year which witnessed the epidemic, natural disaster, and war. In the first half of the year, we encountered a shortage of raw materials after resuming normal production with the price of epoxy resin increased by 30%, curing agent increased by 25%, and fiberglass increased by 20%. However, we cannot rise our product price in line with the market for fear of losing our customers. In the second half of the year, we encountered freight rise after only four-month stable production, especially the sea freight not only doubled, but it was hard to book a container. Towards the end of the year, the epidemic rebounded, which made people panic again. We never know when this situation would end.

    In 2020, under the leadership of Chairman Wu Yamin, Taporel Electrical overcame the impact of various unfavorable factors by turning passivity into initiative, seeking opportunities in crises, and focusing on customers. People in Taporel firmly believed that our benefit and our customers’ were closely tied together and our progress evolved from customers’ development. Facing the plight that our interests were swallowed by the price rise of raw materials, we internally improved efficiency and increased benefits to keep the overall sales flat as that of last year, but the export volume decreased 5%. To be honest, we tried our best in the year of 2020.

    It has been 25 years since the establishment of Tapori Electrical. Over the past 25 years, Taporel Electrical always remembered its original intention of “setting up the factory with professonality and commitment” and “our marketing was more of responsibility and conscience and let time testify it”. In addition, our direction was to provide customers good-quality and prominent service.

    Wish the epidemic end soon and world be peaceful!

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    Wish our customers, friends and their families safe and sound!

                                  Jan. 1, 2021 in Xi’an