Taporel Started in 1995, focusing on power insulation industry for 27 years
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    Add:No.9 Jingwei 10th Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi'an, China

    Who We Are

    Shaanxi Taporel Electrical Insulation Technology Co., Ltd is a high-technical enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of electrical insulation materials, composite materials (FRP), high polymer chemical products, medical intermediate, and so on. It was established in December 1995.

    The company is located in Xi’an Jinghe Industrial Zone, China. The first phase covers an area of 53332m2 (80 acres), the construction area of 12000m2; the Second phase covers an area of 73332m2 (110 acres), the construction area of 50000 m2 when you walk Into the factory as if into one beautiful garden.

    The main products of Taporel include the epoxy electrical insulating rods (round, square, customer shaped), the vacuum injection composite insulator rods, insulating tube, epoxy pipe, epoxy glass filament wingding tube, epoxy resin glass cloth winding tube, epoxy pultrusion&winding tube, online weaving insulating tube, Arrester insulation tube without partial discharge, Arrester insulation rod without partial discharge, Phenolic pultrusion rod, Phenolic pultrusion tube, Phenolic pultrusion profiles, polyurethane pultrusion rod, polyurethane pultrusion tube, polyurethane pultrusion profiles, hollow composite insulator sleeve, transformer insulation stay, high voltage reactor insulation stay, high voltage reactor insulation sheet, electrician special used SMC, BMC products, as well as the eleven series. All these products have been widely applied in the electrical insulation equipment manufacturing field.

    The registered brand is TAPOREL. Taporel is the first choice for manufacturers of composite tension insulator, composite pin post insulator, composite station post insulator, composite hollow insulator, composite crossarm, drop out switch, high voltage disconnection switch, composite railway insulator, conductor spacer, composite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester, cutout fuse, dry type transformer, dry type mutual inductor, electric reactor, dry type reactor, cable accessories, etc. Now Taporel’s products cover voltage class from 10 kV to 1000 kV, especially being widely used in Chinese Grid extra-high voltage and ultra high voltage lines and recognized by industry experts and the manufacturers of composite insulators.

    Since 2005, Taporel FRP rods have been exported to more than 20 foreign manufacturers, and the products can be seen all over the world. At present Taporel has 130 staff, including 32 scientific research and management personnel, 120 pultrusion lines which could produce about 20000kgs composite insulator rods per day (converted by rod Φ18mm), 5 sets of equipment producing epoxy resin glass filament winding tube for lightning arrester usage. The company possesses complete inspection equipment. A high voltage detecting hall of 24mx24mx20m have been built with the following equipment: one set of 600KV power frequency withstand voltage device, one set of 300KV power frequency withstand voltage device, one set of 200KV power frequency withstand voltage device, and one set of 900KV impulse equipment, one set of partial discharge device, one set of 500KN tensile test machine, some sets of physical and chemical test equipment, water diffusion test equipment, two sets of stress corrosion test equipment for composite insulator rod machine.

    The products of Taporel Electrical passed international authorized test institute of Switzerland universal type test, obtained SGS test report; passed international authorized institute of TUV Rheinland (Germany) type test, passed international authorized institute of USA (UL) type test, obtained UL test report. It is the largest manufacturer of composite insulator pultrusion core rods, also one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass insulation sleeve (tube) and pultrusion profiles. Taporel strictly executes standardized, normalized, and scientific management. The company is recognized as a high-tech enterprise, it has got the national science and technology progress prize and has nearly 10 invention patents, of which “Composite Insulator Core Rod without Mold Release Agent” has obtained the national invention patent (Patent No. 200610041850.1), “Preparation Method for Non-Partial Discharge Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube” has also obtained the national invention patent (Patent No. ZL 2010 1 0109659.2). Meanwhile, it has got the Xi'an famous brand product title. Taporel Brand was judged as a famous trademark of Shaanxi province. Composite Insulator Core Rod without Mold Release Agent is the only composite insulator core rod manufacturer in China that has passed the KEMA type test in the Netherland laboratory and it has passed the 5000 hours stress corrosion resistance test in Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of State Grid. It has passed the 1 million times vibration test and the boiling test with a sheath of America for 100 hours.

    Taporel Electrical is the drafting unit for national standard GB/T2300-2008 and high voltage composite insulator rods standards. Taporel strictly carries out the ISO9001: 2000 management system, GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health, and Safety Management System, GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001: 2004 Environment Management System. All production processes are checked according to the standard requirements. Each process of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and full-time inspection “three inspection system”, the quality veto has one vote right. All indicators and technical performance of the products can meet the requirements of IEC61109, GB19519, DL864-2002, and IEC61462 standard on insulating materials. Power frequency test is conducted for every composite insulator core rod and partial discharge test is conducted for every composite arrester used fiberglass winding insulation tube. As one of the drafters of related standards on Chinese insulation materials,

    Taporel Electrical always insists on the quality service belief of “Customer First, Responsibility Foremost” and persist in the principle of “Concentration, Profession” Determined to be the pioneer in the industry, Taporel Electrical strives and progresses without regret in pursuit of its dreams. For a long time, based on domestic, Taporel faces the world and frequently participates in communications and cooperation of international high-pressure insulation technology. The style of keeping faith and the advanced technology help Taporel obtain many international partners, this plays a great basis for the future internationalized policy of Taporel. Taporel men warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad to visit our factory and tour the Chinese ancient capital-Xi’an City!

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