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  • Epoxy Fiber Glass Rod

    The composite insulator rod is made of epoxy resin and glass fiber as the main raw materials through a special process. It plays the dual role of mechanical connection and internal insulation in the composite insulator and is one of the main parts of the composite insulator. The composite insulator rods produced by Taporel are made of high-quality epoxy resin and alkali-free and twist-free glass fiber through vacuum pultrusion process. There is no waxy release agent in the production process. The product has excellent performance and is widely praised by customers in the industry!

    Application of Composite Insulator Rod
    Various types of composite insulators, Metal oxide arresters; Disconnection switches; Cut-out fuses; Transformers
    Features of Composite Insulator Rod:
    No waxy release agent in the production process to guarantee good adhesion to silicone rubber.
    Unique production technology and high-quality raw materials ensure stable electrical properties and excellent mechanical properties.
    The stress corrosion resistance test of acid-resistant rod is above 7200 hours
    The products have been widely used in China's UHV lines, AC 1100kV, DC ±800kV.

    We carry out below standards  

    National standard: GB/T19519  
    Power Industry standard: DL/T1580  DL/T810 DL/T864  
    IEC61109 IEC61952   
    ANSI C29.13-2000  

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