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  • Insulation Materials For Transformers

    Insulation materials for transformers are all made of high-strength fiberglass, which is impregnated with epoxy resin as a matrix material, and then continuously pultruded by high temperature and high pressure curing in a mold. It has the characteristics of ultra-high strength, excellent abrasive resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent high temperature resistance.

    Characteristic of Fiberglass Pultrusion Insulation Materials
    Excellent resistance to mechanical pressure and tensile force, and the basic tensile strength can reach above 1500MPa.
    Excellent electrical properties and can be applied to various withstand voltage grades in electric power.
    The vacuum pressure injection epoxy pultrusion profiles do not use release agent in the production process, and the mold is specially treated to ensure the product has a smooth surface, no color difference, no burr, no scratches, and precise product tolerance control.
    The temperature resistance grade and insulation grade of the product can be customized.
    Targeted solutions can be designed according to customer needs.

    We have been engaged in the production of fiberglass winding tubes for nearly 30 years and have a strong engineering and technical team. We will formulate complete solutions for customers from multiple perspectives such as transportation, installation, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness according to the product's use conditions and performance requirements.

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