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  • Insulation pole

    Insulating molding parts: finished insulating parts are assembled and glued by vacuum impregnation products which are processed according to the requirements of the user’s drawings and other parts. The vacuum impregnation products are finally used by customers in the form of insulating moulding parts.
    2.Main application:
    1)Insulating guy strain used in P-GCB,  T-GCB, GIS、PASS disconnector equipment.
    2)Other insulating parts include resistance insulation tube in P-GCB disconnector and capacitor insulation tube in T-GCB disconnector.
    3)Insulating support rod in T-GCB, GIS and PASS disconnector equipment and insulating support parts in arc extinguish chamber.
    4)Other insulating parts used in PT, CT, DS, ES and other elements, their most main function is isolation of potential.

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