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  • Polyurethane pultrusion profiles

    Polyurethane pultrusion profiles are made of glass fiber as a reinforcing material and polyurethane-based, shaped profiles produced by advanced pressure injection dipping and pultrusion process.
    product feature:
    High heat insulation
    Polyurethane pultrusion profiles like solid wood and PVC have a very low thermal conductivity of 0.22 W/mk at room temperature and only about 1/700 of aluminum alloy, which is an excellent thermal insulation material.
    High weather resistance
    Polyurethane pultrusion is a thermosetting material. It has a three-dimensional network structure and thus has excellent aging resistance. It heat distortion temperature is around 240 degree and its high temperature resistance is better and it will not be becoming brittle after the cold and is the preferred window frame material in severe cold area.
    Low thermal expansion
    The linear thermal expansion coefficient of polyurethane pultrusion is about 7*10-6/K,which si much lower than that of aluminum alloy, which is similar to the linear thermal expansion coefficient of the wall. Therefore, when the temperature changes, the frame of polyurethane pultrusion material will not be with the wall. The body has a gap and the sealing property is good and at the same time the heat insulation of the whole window in a large temperature difference enviroment is ensured.
    Lightweight and strong
    The density of polyurethane pultruded profiles is about 2.1g/cm3,which is about 1/4 of steel and 3/4 of aluminum. It is a lightweight material and its strength is very high. Its tensile strength and flexural strength can reach 120MPa or more. It is 2-3times of aluminum alloy and more than ten times that of PVC.
    High modulus
    The flexural modulus of Polyurethane pultrusion profiles is 2-4 times that of conventional FRP and the nail holding power is strong. It is not necessary to add steel lining when assembling the whole window-this further improves the heat insulation capacity of the whole window while reducing the assemble process.
    Polyurethane pultrusion profiles have strong corrosion resistance to most acids, alkalis, salts, organic matter, as well as seawater and humid air. They are also non-corrosive and have better corrosion resistance than other material door and window profile. Especially suitable for coastal,corrosive and general wet place.
    Flame retardant
    Polyurethane pultruded profiles have a resin content of only 20%. Inorganic flame retardant fillers are also added during the production process, so they have good flame retardant property.
    Good electrical performance
    Polyurethane pultruded profiles are good insulation material, are not affected by electromagnetic waves, do not reflect radio waves, have special uses for the construction of communication system.

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