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  • E-glass rod

    E-glass rod
    E-glass rod
    E-glass rod
    E-glass rod

    Composite insulation rod Core rod, also called pultrusion electrical insulation

    rod. It plays the dual function of mechnical connection and internal insulation in the composite insulator structure. Composite insulators are Divided into suspension and post according to their application. These two structures have different requirements on the mechnical state of the composite insulators. Suspension is mainly concerned with tensile strength and post mainly concerned with bending strength and torsional strength. According to the rich experience accumulated over 20 years, Taporel believes: how to choose a suitable composite rod can refer to the following factors: Determine the length of the rod and using the E-glass rod or ECR glass rod by the voltage requirements and operating environment of the insulator. The mechanical requirements of the insulator are used to determine the diameter of the rod, and the requirements for the vulcanization temperature during the manufacture of the insulator are used to determine the temperature class of the rod to be selected. We will communicate with customers and give a best choice of technical solutions in the field of glass fiber materials, rubber compounding and process design. Provide customers with the most reasonable price-performance products.

    1.Capacity: 120 Pultrusion lines, the largest manufacturer of composite insulator rods in China.

    2.Technique: the only one using vacuum injection technique without mould release agent.

    3.Test: Rods passed tests in domestic labs, including WHVRI,CEMT,XIHARI, especially passed KEMA tests in the Netherlands and 7200h stress corrosion test.

    4.Standards: IEC, ASTM, GB,DL

    5.Application: Rods operate in high voltage lines up to 1000kV.


    1. Range:Diameter Ф5-Ф130 mm; Length 0-12.5 m


    Based on properties, rods are classified into High temperature resistant type (E-glass Rod) and High temperature & acid resistant type (E-glass Rod).

    Based on application, rods are classified into 7 types:

    for composite suspension & tension insulators (Diameter Ф16—Ф40)

    for composite pin insulators((Diameter Ф24—Ф53)

    for composite cross arm insulators(Diameter Ф28—Ф80)

    for composite post insulator (Diameter Ф28—Ф130)

    for composite surge arresters(Diameter Ф5—Ф40)

    for composite fuse cutout (Diameter Ф19—Ф36)

    1. Color: Light green, brown, black

    Highlight: Performance of our E-glass rods is higher than normal rods by 20%, suitable for application to all kinds of composite insulators manufacture techniques, especially to injection technique.

    The execution Standard of Taporel electrical rod is Enterprise Standard:Q/TPR01-2018&Q/TPR02-2018ECR

    We refer to the following criteria, but some indicators are higher than the following standards:

    National standard GB/T19519

    Power industry standard DL/T1580-2016  DL/T810  DL/T864

    International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC61109  IEC61952

    American Standard C29.13-2000

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